Super Dungeon Explore Miniature Painting Update #1

Citadel’s Liquid Green Stuff has been a life saver for me so far with these 1st edition Super Dungeon Explore miniatures for filling in gaps and cracks from assembly and for fixing small defects from the molding process.  A few hero miniatures were primed using a brush-on primer while the rest were primed with spray primer. I prefer spray primer for speed and ease of use but the bitter cold makes it difficult to do at the moment. Those that were spray primed were done in the garage and then quickly moved to the bathroom with the exhaust fan running.  It worked well enough but I’m sure others would prefer I avoid doing that as much as possible as the house did smell for awhile.

Putting base layers of color down on the hero miniatures is what I’m currently working on, so that I can move onto my favorite part of painting. With base layers of color I like to go a bit darker than the middle tone but not quite the darkest tone, as I have an easier time with adding dark washes in recessed and shadowed areas and then gradually blending and painting on lighter and lighter colors. Once the base layers are on, I can begin my favorite parts of miniature painting…. shading, highlighting, and picking out the details.


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