Conan (by Monolith)

The first scenario and a custom scenario with all heroes being different Conans will be ran by my husband at PretzCon 2017. I am currently working on painting all of the miniatures needed for these two scenarios and will periodically post updates.

The 4 heroes for the first scenario are about half finished and the rest that are needed have had mold lines removed.  I find I have the best luck using an exacto knife on plastic and resin models and the combo of exacto knife and small file on metal miniatures.  On these I ended up just using the exacto knife.

After the mold lines were all removed, all of the miniatures received a good scrubbing with some warm water, dawn dish soap, and a soft tooth brush to remove any oils, debris, and releasing agent on them.  I have found personally that this step helps the primer adhere much more securely.

I let them dry at least 24 hours usually before priming.  Then I used Army Painter barbarian flesh on the humanoids (and on one skeleton who managed to sneak into the pile) and Army Painter white on the wolves and skeletons.  The miniatures are now being allowed to dry for approximately 24 hours before I begin painting them.

As I paint them, I will post some progress pics/blogs of them.


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