Hobby 500

I’m shooting for the Hobby 500 this year (2018), but have a number of miniature total levels in mind.  The Hobby 500 is the goal of completing/finishing 500 miniatures inn 2018.  These miniatures can be fresh out of the box/package/game or partly completed.  What matters is that the miniature is finished in order to be… Read More Hobby 500

Super Dungeon Explore Miniature Painting Update #1

Citadel’s Liquid Green Stuff has been a life saver for me so far with these 1st edition Super Dungeon Explore miniatures for filling in gaps and cracks from assembly and for fixing small defects from the molding process.  A few hero miniatures were primed using a brush-on primer while the rest were primed with spray… Read More Super Dungeon Explore Miniature Painting Update #1